Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey Seattle Knitters- A reminder that you can enter a contest for credit to buy yarn at the BIG SALE next weekend. You can enter up to three times and there are three ways you can enter.

1. You can tweet about the sale (then leave a comment telling me)
2. You can post it to your fb page (then leave a comment telling me)
3. You can post about it on your blog (and you know what to do!)

First Prize: $30 to spend at the sale
Second Prize: $20 to spend at the sale
Third Prize: $10 to spend at the sale

See you NEXT WEEK!!!

Oh, and my sister informed me that she has decided to bring her books LOTS AND LOTS OF KNITTING BOOKS!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Serious Stash Building- Recession Style


A lot of us have been watching our yarn budgets a lot closer lately. I know my stash has had a significant hole made in it over the last year. Let me (and my sister) help get it back up to healthy levels without hurting your wallet!

A Serious Stash Event

Some of you may remember that my sister used to own a gift boutique and yarn store. When she shut down to focus on raising her baby, the yarn just stayed on the shelves. She is bringing all that yarn to Seattle and selling it well below cost- because it is just time for it to go.

Rowan, Jeager, Elsebeth Lavold, Debbie Bliss, Kraemer, Louisa Harding, Plymoth, lots of sock yarn.

There are sweater quantities in most yarns, and project quantities in all yarns. There will also be needles, notions, patterns, bags- pretty much anything (other than books) that you might expect to find in a yarn store.

The Important Info

Where: 13716 Midvale Ave. N. Unit B, Seattle, WA
When: Labor Day weekend Frinday Sept 4th, Sat, Sept 5th and Monday Sept 7th
10:00 am- 5:00pm (or until we run out of yarn ;)

Now help us spread the word and get rewarded!

My sister is offering some great incentives to get the word out.

First Prize: $30 in yarn at the sale
Second Prize: $20 in yarn at the sale
Third Prize $10 in yarn at the sale

How do you enter?

1. Repost this post to your blog
2. Tweet about the sale sometime *during the week before* the sale (link to this post)
3. Share this post on facebook

For each entry leave a separate comment with a link to your blog URL or twitter name, along with your email address. If you win I will email you a certificate to use at the sale. (if you win and you aren't able to attend the sale, I will put you in contact with my sister who will help you choose what you want.)


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Relaxin' in Utah

Have you been wondering what Little Sir and I have been up to during our impromptu trip to Utah (other than making amazing adoption announcements?)

Well, let me share. . .

There has been quite a bit of spinning (and a little bit of knitting)



This beautiful yarn is a testament to the magical nature of spinning. My mom and I died the roving a few months ago. It was ugly, but we decided that one of us should still try spinning it to see what happened. She took it home, but I ended up spinning it in the last few days, we both agree that it is beautiful!

I have been commiserating with my newest little nephew. He and I are both second-borns- I get it ET, I really do, buddy. I've got your back.

We've been loving on the other adorable baby who lives here. Little Sir has taken on the role of baby entertainer, especially with this little girl- and really who can blame him?


The cousins have been spending a good deal of time sans clothing. . . (Hellooooooo summer time.)


And having a lot of fun with clothing too. (SLC has an incredible Children's Museum.)


Last but not least. . . We've been ooohing and aaaahing over fuzzy pictures of an 8 week old peanut called Baby-J. (Squeeeeeee)