Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Little Elvish Sir

It's been far too long since Little Sir has graced the pages of this blog.

The terrible twos are in full force around here! Today he dumped my full glass of water into his lap (and laughed) he 'painted' much of his bedroom w/ baby lotions- twice (and laughed) he threw toys in the toilet (and laughed) He screeches, throws anything he gets a hold of, and rejoices in general naughtiness - and when it's all over. . . I still adore my little elf.

I also have lots of knitting and other craftiness that I am looking forward to share, but when these types of shenanigans are going on here, not only is the crafting time at a premium, but computer time is decreased eve more than normal.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Better Bracelet

OK, I get the idea behind the rubber bracelets. They are cheap, you can put a message on them to spread awareness. Lance Armstrong. . . yeah yeah yeah. BUT. . . no matter how noble or beautiful the idea is that is imprinted on them, and no matter what fabulous color they are, these things are far from stylish.

I had two of them floating around in my "everything" drawer for over a year. They were from an adoption conference Link and I went to in 2008. They were imprinted with the saying "Birth Mothers Never Forget." They were pretty much doomed to living in my drawer until the next time I decided to clean it out, until I saw a cute solution to their lameness at Blue Cricket Designs.


Just some ripped fabric strips and a hot glue gun and PRESTO!

Something you would actually want to wear, and will still keep your favorite cause close at hand!

I'm sure you can guess where these are going!