Monday, July 31, 2006

Almost Paradise. . . how could I ask for more?

I think I need more days like this.

31 July 2006
Seattle, WA
Weather: Perfect

9:00: I got up to feed the dogs, then because I could, I went back to bed. Ahhhh
11:00: I got up again, dressed for the beach, ate delicious breakfast (raisin bran with fresh blueberries and almonds, with rice milk of course!) wrapped a present, and gathered the pups.
12:30: I did have to run one errand today (I did say, almost paradise,) but it was delivering flowers and presents to the Duke's co-workers, so actually it was fun.
1:00: Arrived at Magnuson Park's off leash doggie area, the biggest one around, acres and acres for my little pups to stretch their legs, and the only beach you can take your dogs to in Seattle. We headed right for the beach where Logan proceeded to harass all dogs bigger than him (You get em, Logan) and Maggie and I found a ball and jumped in the water for some swimming fetch, Maggie's favorite.
2:30: There's a no-dairy bakery on the way home, how convenient, I need a little snack. Logan is even too tired to do more than try to sniff my dairy free cookie. Good boy, Logan.
3:00: Read, vegitate, relax. . . Because I can.
4:00: A nice hot bath with Jasmine and Vanilla mmmmmmmm.
5:00: Here I sit, in my yoga clothes, with a glass of iced Evening in Missoula from Tea Cup, a scoop of Haagen Daaz Orchard Peach Sorbet, and two very tried pups. (I love tired pups.)

Plans for the evening: yoga, knit, read, maybe spin, and watch Medium (if it's not a rerun.), go to bed early.

Only one thing missing. . . The Duke. No, maybe almost paradise, but not close enough without him, even if a day like this would make my high energy husband crazy. He is in workshops all this week. Siyang, as they say in the Philippines. (in translates to "oh, well" with a significant amount of longing.)

But a relaxing day none-the-less, and very enjoyable.

Yes, I will fold my clothes tomorrow. . . maybe.

Stitch and Pitch

It was pretty cool!

So Cranky is Good and Purl of a Girl and Knits and Sass
have pretty much covered it all.

I DO want to say I'm sorry to Shanny, Martine, and Jule. I couldn't remeber where my car was and we took the LONG LONG way around to find it. I was very thankful that they were with me though. Walking around SODO, with a dead cell phone, looking for my car by myself probably would have put me over the edge. They were all so gracious. I'm sure they didn't really need a good long walk at 11:00 at night, but the conversation was interesting. THANKS LADIES!!!

Daphne, Betsy, and Shannon naka-hilltop lahat!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Utah - The Fiber and Happy Pioneer Day

Logan, Maggie, I'm home, come see what your mommy was doing while she was away visiting your grandma and grandpa.

Mama, is that you? Oh, I missed you so much!

Hey look, she's knitting a sweater in this green cotton (Nautical Cotton by Louisa Harding) so she will look pretty when she's walking me this fall!
What's it going to look like Mama? Ohh, a fitted raglan cardigan, 3/4 length sleeves, and trimmed in a darker green.
I think it will be perfect for our fall walks.

This is sooooo cool mom, it looks like a leopard or something. Maybe you could knit me a toy to play with (read: destroy) out of it. I know you spun it mom, but, but, but. . . well at least could you knit dad a hat out of it so he can look cool when he walks me?

This is cool too mom, like a snake or something.

Hey, YOU, did you see what my mama did???
She took this sheep stuff (hand dyed blue face leister by local Utah company Wasatch Watercolours)

(Don't be rude Logan.)

And made this out of it. It's soooooo pretty, fit for a baby princess, like me.
It's so girly, the snake yarn in cooler.
You're a dumb boy what do you know, I'm going to bite you.
(Maggie, don't bite your brother.)

Mama used grandma (the Queen's) knit-purl bag while she was in Utah. She liked it so well that she is knitting herself one.

Now maybe when she takes us to the park people won't ask her what she's crocheting. Duh, people, we're dogs and we know what knitting is.

I'm so happy to be home with my little pups.

Think Cool Thoughts

It's too hot to knit. . . I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's true. So now what? Spin of course, the wheel even helps circulate the air through my house.

I pulled my spinning wheel, box fan, and a folding chair onto the landing at the top of my stairs, far away from the heat of any window. I found enough energy reserve to dig out the fiber that I bought in Utah and had a pretty nice afternoon hiding out from the sun.
I am too hot to take pictures right now, so instead I found some cool looking hand dyes and cool glass tools.

If colors and textures could change the surrounding tempature, this whirl pool of roving would bring in a lovely sea breeze.

I have heard people say that they don't like glass or metal needles because they are too cold. Well, they obviously are not fair weather knitters. People who only knit in the winter don't understand why you might want a cooler needle.

Ohhhh, watermelon fresh, crisp, and cold from the river bed. . . is it strange that I equate yarn and food? I suppose not, after all, they are both basic components needed to sustain life. (did I mention that it's hot?)

And flower buttons, again in pools of glass. Just dive right in; you won't even have to dry your hair afterwards.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Utah- The Family

Sisters, Sisters. . . Princess P., and me!

Prince B. the Bad, Princess P.'s hubby, is a fiber antagonist. He makes fun of our passion, and I put ridiculous photo's of him on the internet. Princess, please , finish his sweater so he can stop saying that he never benefits from your knitting (by-the-way Prince, I do recall my little sister knitting her little fingers to the bone to produce PERSONALIZED beanies for each and every member of someone's basketball team.)

Hemmie, the neurotic Boarder Collie.

Cache, you would never guess this regal looking Shetland Collie, is the noisiest dog you have ever met. He is a restless one year old pup. This was the only time he held still long enough to take his picture the whole time I was there, and even this took some effort.

Sophie, the naughtiest Lakeland Terrier in the world. Good thing for her she is so stinking cute that no one has killer her yet.

Next. . . Utah The Fiber (saving the best for last!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Utah- The Reunion

For the sake of sanity, I think I will post the Utah trip is stages. So here is the fist:

We were there for the Duke's 10 year class reunion. Fri. night was a picnic, can you tell it was 100 degrees outside by the red and shiney faces?

The Duke with his beautiful cousin, the World Traveler. She is so much fun, she tried to teach us Salsa the next night, it was a failure on the dancing scale, but a great success on the fun scale.

Me, laughing at the fact that J. (the guy) is happily surrounded by three married women. I was good friends with these three in HS. I see J. several times a year, but haven't seen H. and S. for a very long time, it was great to see them.

The Duke, with two swimming buddies, C. and J. at the dinner the next night. Don't you love his shirt, it's his new 'holiday' shirt.

I Love this Man

He picked me up at the airport today. There were flowers on the front seat of the car.

This man I call the Duke, he is really more of a knight in shinning armour. His armour is one of the funny tee shirts he wears, he has a little white dog instead of a white stallion (easier to keep in the city, and better represents his affectionate side,) and has short red hair instead of long flowing hair (he finds it hard enough to keep my hair out of the drains.)

He is the perfect one for me. Heaven help me, I never knew I could love a person this much.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leaving it all Behind

Well, the carpet is in, it looks great (if somewhat dark because all of the lamps weren't plugged in yet.)

The rest of my house, well let's just say it's a good thing that I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane for Utah, because the tornado chic look was starting to wear on me.

I have delusions of it being all nice and tidy when I get back (Duke and the dogs stayed behind.) --- well, like I said, delusions.

On the knitting front, we have 8 wonderful, bright, (some might say psychedelic) dish cloths. I've knit 10, give 3 away, leaving me 7. . . Just what I need, right, one for each day of the week. (Let's just pretend I actually do laundry every 7 days and ignore the fact that I packed enough cotton yarn to knit at least three more, hummm, better make that 4-5)

Last night the Duke looked at my bag and shook his head. There was more yarn in my suitcase than clothing. I told him that I only own 7 pairs of shoes, so leave me alone.

Next update: Tooele (pronounced To-ell-a)-- don't get too excited, I doubt it will make your 'places I must travel before I die' list.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Disturbed by Yarn???

You tell me.

This is prairie Dream: A Little massacre

by Pluckyfluff.

Interesting? yes.

Knitable? mabey.

Disturbing? a little

"HUGE BULKY skein made from white ICELANDIC FLEECE, hand-dyed fibers, silk waste, fabric, flowers, rubber cherries and a 1940's VINTAGE DOLL who's eyes open and close! and her little western chaps and prairie blouse...The entire yarn is spun with a delicate pale pink nubbly thread and a coral pink silk thread"

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vacation, all I ever wanted???

Why would I need a vacation? Maybe it has something to do with my entire house looking something like this, or the opposite rooms where all the stuff that goes in this room has been taken! Monday come soon!!! (New carpet arrives on Monday!)
Maybe it has something to do with the Duke laying down our scooter on the freeway the day before we left on vacation. Yes, Brent, pictures will follow. He is pretty OK, a minor fracture in his elbow, some very ugly bruising, and the inevitable road rash.

So, after x-rays and mechanic shop, we took off for the Oregon Coast. This is the only way to go to the beach. My beach towel acts as a blanket and I knit to keep warm. Here you see me wearing a recently finished hat (knit just for the occasion, as I was cold) and nearly finished with the second fingerless glove. The Duke, well he's the Duke, on vacation or not!

So I spend 5 blissful days knitting, spinning, and buying yarn.

I bought this yarn (3 skiens) and knit it up in 2 days. It is a wonderful kettle dyed cotton called Patagonia Yarn. I used a size 15 needle and a simple YO, K2tog, lace stitch. Here's the specs on the Yarn
Gauge: 3-3.5
Material: 100% Cotton
US Needle: US 8 - 10
Washing Instructions: Hand Wash
Weight: (2.5 - 3.5 sts/in) Bulky
Yardage: 105

I also found some Blue Moon Yarn, it's a cotton sock yarn (weird huh!) It has 4% of a fiber called Elite in it, which much give it its bounce, because it bounces like no cotton I've ever felt. I Love the colorway. No decision as to whether it will be socks or something else, although I am intrigued by the idea of knitted cotton socks.

A lovely little knot of hand dyed roving. . . not sure from whom, I was to entraced by the roving to notice the sign above it. Can't wait to see it spun up!

And last, and maybe lilttlest, but certainly not least. I saw the Duke's cousin's new baby and knew this little darling needed a strawberry hat. Isn't she the most darling little cherub?

Now, I have returned to my mess house, but thankfully, next week another knitting vacation to visit my mom. I'll bring back pictures for you!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirate Yaaaarn

Isn't this COOL!
Hand dyed by the Yarn Wench
124 yards of supper bulky merino with something called angelina in there to make is sparkle like the treasure it is, all plyed around a copper metallic thread.
unfortunately, you'll need more than an X on a map to get this yarn. It is on sale now at 10% off its high sea's price of $87.00.