Sunday, May 30, 2010

Highly Distractable

that's me. . .

I've been experiencing a bit of a crafting/ decorating frenzy as of late. The problem is. . . . oh look at that!!! -now what were we talking about?

Yes, it's true. The Duke calls me a "strong starter" - a nicer way of saying I have a problem with finishing things I start, or at least finishing them in a timely manner.

I have a quilt that is half bound sitting in my kitchen where I sew.

My kitchen chairs are painted, but the table is not.

There is a wreath in parts sitting next to me.

Last week at a garage sale I found a fantastic huge frame w/ hooks on it. I've painted it, but it needs to be glazed and have the hardware reattached.

I also have these two very cute boys that I'm working on raising. I have a feeling they are going to take a while, but I'm very happy with how they are coming along! (Ha, I crack myself up!)

YEP. Highly distract-able.

I did get this project done, after it sat on my kitchen table, driving all of us crazy for about two weeks!

My jewelery had outgrown my small jewelery box. Also, I've never cared for storing earrings and necklaces in a box. I end up not being able to find one earring and the necklaces get tied in knots.

Solution. . . I picked up two framed at goodwill. One divided, the other not. I took out the glass and the back. Then I painted them and glazed them yellow to tone done the green a little and give them some depth. Then off to the hardware store where I picked up some screen fabric and a couple of screw in L hooks.

I chose a few scraps of cute ribbon and hot glued then to the back of the frame to hold my earrings that don't have posts or hooks (you know, the ones w/ sort of C shaped clamps.) Then I cut the screen fabric to fit the frame and hot glued it to the back too. (If you make this, be sure to keep the screen material very tight as you glue it down, and glue it all the way around.)

Next, I screwed the L shaped hooks into the top of the second frame. I didn't like how "hard" the hooks looked so I also added the ribbon to them to soften them up.

I stapled the long yellow ribbon to the back of the second frame to hang from the wall. If you are only going to hang necklaces from the hooks, you can hang it from the frame's hook, but if you are going to put earrings on it you need some room in the back. (Some felt furniture pads would work great to hold it away from the wall a little bit) You would also want to be able to easily access the back, so hanging it from a ribbon is necessary. I just like the way it looks. Using an easel, like I did with the divided frame also works great.

Have you guys heard about the CSI project?  CSI = Create, Share, Inspire.  I'm loving the projects I've been seeing over there, so I thought I'd link up. . . check out some of the other projects created with materials from the hardware store.