Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pure Luxury

So, I am currently knitting Christmas presents for the Queen and the Little Yarn Princess, and I can't ruin the surprise by posting the presents on the official Yarnnation blog for all to see! Instead I though I would put up pictures of some projects that I have recently finished, but haven't been given proper glory as of yet.
This is supposed to be a baby blanket, but even the most pampered princess isn't wrapped in hank knit silk and cashmere, unless the queen is a nut! So, we decided that it makes a much better throw, where it won't get any baby by-products on it. It is a Karabella pattern in Karabella yarn Breezes. It was my first lace project, and after perfecting the art of picking up missed yarn overs, I am much smitten with lace. I have started several other lace projects, so look for them in the future. I love that they don't take a ton on yarn because there is so much 'air'.
Despite the beauty of this little darling, it wasn't for me, as my castle is decorated in rich bright colors. Here in Yarnnation we don't tax our citizens (besides Maggie and Logan wouldn't provide much of a tax base anyway.) The Duke and I work to support ourselves, and of course where else would the Duchess of Yarnnation work, but in a Local Yarn Shop. Not only do I get paid to be around the most royal collection of yarn that could be imagined, but I also get paid in credit to knit for the store. This is such a creature.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Duke

Every Duke needs a dashing ensemble to wear to court for special occasions, and only the best will do for my Duke! In the land of Yarnnation that means ALPACA!!!

The Duke's sweater is named for him. It is a raglan knit in Rowan's Polar. I shed a tear when I learned that Polar was being discontinued, and knew that I must create a very special something in honor of this fantastic yarn. Zucchini, the brilliant green color spoke to me and said "I was meant to be something special and be worn by someone special." Well, The Duke is the person most special to me (and besides, he looks really sexy in this color!)

The pattern is from The Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd. This book has the distinction of being the official sweater book of Yarnnation. It has a very special place in the royal knitting library (right next to my couch where I can always reach it!) I followed the pullover raglan pattern up to the armpits and then switched to the cardigan pattern. The zipper was, well, interesting. It is the first zipper I have ever put in and I think it turned out great.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is really a French Girl pattern called Adell. The Duke started calling it Pom Pom after I made the giant pom poms. How could I resist the Duke calling out POM POM over and over. It was either charm or brain washing, either way, in our house Adell is now Pom Pom.

French Girl is the name of a new line of patterns from designer Kirsteen Griffin-Grimes. She does have a website, but it really isn't up and running yet. You can join her mailing list and find out if a yarn store near you carries her very cute and trendy patterns.

Pom Pom was supposed to be knit in Rowan's Big Wool, but I knit it in Cleckheaton's Gusto 10. My mom (The Queen) had given me the yarn for a sweater for my birthday, but I got half way through the sweater and decided that I hated it. So I tore it out and found this pattern the next day. A day latter Pom Pom was born. She knits up very fast with nearly all of the capelet in garder stitch.

I wore Pom Pom the Sunday I finisher her to dinner at a friends house (A Russian Feast - look for a future posting on the scarf I'm knitting her to say thank you!) The next day Pom Pom had a tragedy. Logan, (the enemy of all yarn and knitted things) my Cairn Terrier, pushed open the door of my bedroom where Pom Pom was laying peacefully on my wicker trunk. He went right for the pom poms and tore the poor innocent puff balls to shreds. I'm sure it was very fun for him, and although I was upset, I couldn't get mad at him. I know how he feels about yarn and especially pom poms. I should have protected Pom Pom better. The damage was not irreversible, however, I had some yarn left over and made new pom poms that day. Now Pom Pom is back, good as new, and folded up high in my closet.

Welcome to Yarnnation

Yarnnation is what my husband calls our home. It is my wonderland of wool, alpaca, cotton, angora, cashmere, and other such delightful creatures. Yarnnation's main industry is knitting, although a crochet chain here and there is not unheard of. The people of Yarnnation are myself, the Dutchess of Yarnnation, my husband, the Duke, Maggie (dog 1) the court jester, and Logan (dog 2) the enemy of all yarn and knitted things. For me, it is a charming, exciting, and enchated place to live.

I have started the Yarnnation blog to share my knitting adventures with my family and friends. I hope you enjoy this little window into Yarnnation.