Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yes, I think I remember this. . .

Once upon a time I really loved to cook. . . and I vaguely remember being fairly good at it.

I used to be inspired to cook fresh tasty things regularly.  Nowadays it takes a minor miracle to create enough energy to inspire me to try to wrangle the two Littles, during "witching hour", and cook.

Thursday my friend Sonya and I were at the Lake City Farmer's Market.  (Oh, how I love summer in the Northwest!)  One of the vendors there, Patty Pan Grill, makes the most incredible veggie quesadillas which have no "no no for Duchess" veggies in them and the grill dude will happily make it w/ vegan cheese for me!!!  I LOVE THEM!

It occurred to me that I needed to eat these more often than my farmers' market budget allowed.  So, I was gonna hafta cook.

Friday afternoon I went to my fridge and pulled out every veggie in there.

Patty Pan's veggie mixture (as far as I can tell) is : some sort of wilted green leaf, carrots, parsnip or maybe rutabaga, onions, garlic, cauliflower, beets

My mixture was a little different:
My wilted green leaf was hearts of romain, carrots, cauliflower, orange pepper, onion, sunflower sprouts (So Good, try them) garlic, tomato.

I think you could probably put any fresh veggie in and have it be good, although, I did purposefully go light on the peppers.  I didn't want them to dominate the dish.
The key is, you need A LOT of veggies.


That's my largest bowl in my generic nesting bowl set.  Probably 8 cups.

And you need them sliced/ chopped very thin.

This little device was very handy in preparing this dish.  I picked it up at a garage sale a couple weekends ago.  I'm not much of one for kitchen gadgets.  I figure if you can't do it w/ a nice knife, a wooden spoon, or a spatula, then it shouldn't be done.  This gadget, however, I will make an exception for.  It proved itself highly useful.  I could not have sliced those veggies that thin with a knife.  I also used it to grate my cheese and it worked like a charm.

Next, I fired up my grill.


Here are the veggies fresh on the grill, they take up my entire two burner griddle. I also noticed the dude from Patty Pan's sprinkle some red spice on at this point. I don't know what it is, but I guessed from the color and the very slight taste, that it is probably cayenne pepper. I added some of that, some paprika, a little cilantro and salt.


Let them cook for 5-6 min, then throw a tortilla on the grill, add cheese, add your veggies and cook just long enough to toast the outside of you tortilla.


Then, cut it in triangles and eat and enjoy. The Duke and I sure did. All those veggies made 4 quesedillas. I must say, though, one fills you up very well.

I can't wait to make this with fresh veggies from the market!


  1. I love quesadillas and we often eat them with veggies and cheese. I usually put them into the oven after wiping the outside of the tortilla with olive oil. MMMMMMM.

  2. That looks amazing! Now I wish I had some tortillas.

  3. Looks yummy to me!

    Thanks for you comment on my shutter post. And yes, if we did live closer, our Foxies could TOTALLY wear each other out! lol

  4. That thing is called a mandolin. Many sold at the slice n dice demo of the Utah State Fair.