Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is really a French Girl pattern called Adell. The Duke started calling it Pom Pom after I made the giant pom poms. How could I resist the Duke calling out POM POM over and over. It was either charm or brain washing, either way, in our house Adell is now Pom Pom.

French Girl is the name of a new line of patterns from designer Kirsteen Griffin-Grimes. She does have a website, but it really isn't up and running yet. You can join her mailing list and find out if a yarn store near you carries her very cute and trendy patterns.

Pom Pom was supposed to be knit in Rowan's Big Wool, but I knit it in Cleckheaton's Gusto 10. My mom (The Queen) had given me the yarn for a sweater for my birthday, but I got half way through the sweater and decided that I hated it. So I tore it out and found this pattern the next day. A day latter Pom Pom was born. She knits up very fast with nearly all of the capelet in garder stitch.

I wore Pom Pom the Sunday I finisher her to dinner at a friends house (A Russian Feast - look for a future posting on the scarf I'm knitting her to say thank you!) The next day Pom Pom had a tragedy. Logan, (the enemy of all yarn and knitted things) my Cairn Terrier, pushed open the door of my bedroom where Pom Pom was laying peacefully on my wicker trunk. He went right for the pom poms and tore the poor innocent puff balls to shreds. I'm sure it was very fun for him, and although I was upset, I couldn't get mad at him. I know how he feels about yarn and especially pom poms. I should have protected Pom Pom better. The damage was not irreversible, however, I had some yarn left over and made new pom poms that day. Now Pom Pom is back, good as new, and folded up high in my closet.


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  2. I'm impressed, maybe you should write a book. I think it would be better than "A Good Yarn". My sister, the one granted with the gift of gab. She must take after her father, but don't tell her I said that.

    Love, Little Yarn Princess, the dutchess's favorite fiber fanatic from afar.

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Grandma is over wellmed with blogs, but she really liked Pom Pom. And of course if it was up to her we would get rid of all dogs. Drop off another note soon so we can practice our skills.

  4. are you trying to make me crazy