Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pure Luxury

So, I am currently knitting Christmas presents for the Queen and the Little Yarn Princess, and I can't ruin the surprise by posting the presents on the official Yarnnation blog for all to see! Instead I though I would put up pictures of some projects that I have recently finished, but haven't been given proper glory as of yet.
This is supposed to be a baby blanket, but even the most pampered princess isn't wrapped in hank knit silk and cashmere, unless the queen is a nut! So, we decided that it makes a much better throw, where it won't get any baby by-products on it. It is a Karabella pattern in Karabella yarn Breezes. It was my first lace project, and after perfecting the art of picking up missed yarn overs, I am much smitten with lace. I have started several other lace projects, so look for them in the future. I love that they don't take a ton on yarn because there is so much 'air'.
Despite the beauty of this little darling, it wasn't for me, as my castle is decorated in rich bright colors. Here in Yarnnation we don't tax our citizens (besides Maggie and Logan wouldn't provide much of a tax base anyway.) The Duke and I work to support ourselves, and of course where else would the Duchess of Yarnnation work, but in a Local Yarn Shop. Not only do I get paid to be around the most royal collection of yarn that could be imagined, but I also get paid in credit to knit for the store. This is such a creature.

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