Monday, February 27, 2006

Anti Zipper Resolution

Here is my latest . . .

It is from the Nashua Play collection and the yarn is Nashua's Wooly Stripes. I am happy to be done with it. I had to reknit the back and one side of the front because the decreases were wrong in the pattern. ***AND I can not find an errata anywhere.
Also, I have given up on zippers. this on looks great because after I completely messed it up I took it to a taylor and had her install it. Well worth the $18.00 she charged me.
Anyway, so I knit this for the shop and what I got with some of the credit is much more interesting. I got three new books because the Duke has forbidden me to bring anymore yarn into the castle.

1. The Best of Knitter's Aran and Celtics by XRX books. I like several of the patterns in here but I especially love Viking Turid - however I'm wondering if I could pull that off with my hips. But I am most certainly going to knit Symbolic Knots with a couple of changes. I am going to change the neck to a boat neck, and the body and sleeves will be in stst instead of seed stitch, but I will do a seed stitch boarder around the bottom, the cuffs, and the neck. I think it will be lovely.
2. The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman. I asked a couple of the teachers at the shop which finishing book they recommended and they all said this one, so I got it. It does have very good photos and illustrations - and it is spiral bound so it will stay open, very helpful.
3. Knitting Over the Edge by Nicky Epstein. I don't have to rant and rave about this book, it's all been said and I agree! That's why I got it.

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