Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tour of Yarn Heaven (aka Seattle)

So, the Queen (mother,) Princess P (sister,) and the Original Knitter (grandmother) came up for a visit and we went on a tour of many of the major yarn stores in the Seattle area. Here we have the royal opinion on the tour

1st stop: The Fiber Gallery
We love this place. While it doesn't have atmosphere some of the other shops have they have done a great job at stocking different yarns than the other older shops. They carry a lot of earthy-like fibers and unusual fibers like bamboo and soy. I picked up some Cascade Eco-Wool here, mom and g-ma got some cool circular needle holders, as well as some roving to play on the Queen's new spinning wheel.

2nd stop: Hilltop Yarn
THE BEST YARN STORE- not only in Seattle, but anywhere that I have ever been. Not that I'm biased, but I work here because I love it and and I love that I work here. The ambiance and the selection can't be beat. . . not to mention the absolutely fabulous line of shop designer patterns called Decidedly Hilltop. Naturally, I think my designs are cool, but honestly, I work with some fo the most talented designers anywhere. It would take too long to list everything that we bought here, but let's just say that we significantly added to sales that day!

3rd stop: Acorn Street Yarns
Well, we didn't buy anything here, and that is about all I have to say about Acorn. They have some space issues (grandma's attic?) as well as a lack of warmth from their staff.

4th stop: Churchmouse Yarn and Teas
HURRAY! This is the Queen's favorite yarn store. She made Kit and John, the owners happy that day. I saw my next project there, a Victorian cardigan knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakan. It was so beautiful. . . I am looking forward to knitting with the yarn as well. I bought a japanese yarn, not Noro, but I can't remember the name. It was a sock weight yarn and I knit one of their shop patterns in it. It is a cute little scarf with ruffles up either side in this great earthy colorway. I haven't taken a photo, but maybe later.

5th stop: Tricoter
Well, after about 10 min in there Princess P. and I thought that the Chocolate store near by (O Chocolate) would be a lot more entertaining, and we were soooooo right! The staff in O Chocolate was warm, friendly, helpful, and happy. Exactly the opposite of the staff at Tricoter. It was my first and last time in there. The Queen did find a sweater that she liked well enough to wait 30 min. to get someone to help her get the yarn to knit it. . . I don't think there is a sweater that nice on earth, but that's my opinion.

5th stop: Hilltop Yarn East
Well this little jewel has been transformed since the last time Princess P. was here when it was Skeins. Becky, the new owner has done an excellent job at recreating the space and it is so beautiful! We were out of money by the time we got here, but we will be back!

It was a great tour. We didn't make it to some of the other yarn stores. . . but then that is just reason to have another Yarn Heaven get-away.

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