Sunday, April 16, 2006

4.45 AM

4:45 am you ask. Well you see. . .

I really just wanted to see the Easter sunrise (ya just keep telling yourself that through church so you can stay awake.)

So what does one do while they are waiting for the sun to rise on Easter Morning?

Take pictures of her finished Easter Egg Basket of Course.

BTW - Easter Egg hunts aren't near as fun with dogs and husbands as they are with kids. We did ours last night as a reward for Duke who spent the entire day studying. I don't know how much of a reward it was. . . but hey, it's Easter. Maggie found one of the two doggie Easter treats very quickly and just as quickly Logan stole it from her. After she chased after him and then ran back to us to complain we helped her find the other one. They are very funny!

So no pre-felting pictures of my basket, I was too excited to get it in the washing machine. I learned an important felting lesson too, don't try to felt with towles that are all ready wet from felting something else. They MUST be dry and not smooshed up against the walls of the washer. Go figure. I had to felt it twice.

Isn't the ruffle fun!

So, Jennifer, my boss, really liked them so we are turning them into Mother's Day and Father's Day baskets and the pattern will be available as soon as I knit more samples and write it at Hilltop Yarn.

Here are the two happy baskets together!


And just because I know you were wondering (or at least would have if you had thought about it). . . What DO Mormons do with crystal wine goblets?


  1. Happy Easter!!!!!!! I LOVE those felted baskets. :-)

  2. Those are adorable! I'm so happy Jennifer's going to make them into a Hilltop Pattern -- baskets for everyone!