Saturday, August 12, 2006

Urban Kayaking

This is how a beautiful summer Saturday should be spent, kayaking on Lake Union and Lake Washington. We rented the kayaks from Agua Verde in Portage Bay on Lake Union, headed through the Montlake Cut (which was SUPER choppy- we saw a kayaker go over- kaya no pictures there,) and onto Lake Washington. Yes, those are freeways behind us. I DID say we were urban kayaking. Take a right, under the freeway, and toward the Arboretum.

Voila. . . I have a new botanical to hang. We have been to the Arboretum many times, but it's a whole new experience from the water.

Say hello to Mr. Turtle and Ms. Duckie. How many cities in the US can you do this without even leaving town? It was amazing.

Lastly, if anyone is wanting to adopt a sweet 4 year old boxer, see Betsy Bits's Blog, she's a super cutie!

1 comment:

  1. These photographs are gorgeous! I knew you had a keen eye for detail, structure and visual balance in real space (ie: "who did this gorgeous display"?)-- who knew you have it looking through a camera lense too!

    Bravo! Take my camera, please!