Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer School

I have a ton of stuff to blog about. Baby stuff, fiber stuff, good stuff. I don't have time due to things such as a nine month old baby and summer school. You'll have to wait until the weekend. In the mean time I have had several super fun kids books come across my path in the past week or so. I thought I would share.

A sweet sweet friend of mine came across Derek the Knitting Dinosaur by Mary Blackwood, Kerry Argent (Illustrator) and knew that Little Sir and I needed it. It is adorable. He even drinks tea.

If You Were My Bunny
by Kate Mcmullan (Author), David Mcphail (Illustrator)
I found this one at a children's consignment store. I love it. The author has written new words to some well known traditional lullabies as if the parent animal were singing to the baby animal.

Good Boy Fergus! by David Shannon was recommended to us by a nice neighbor (who we don't know) while we were out walking. He was running and saw our dogs and Little Sir. He told us that we needed to get this book for Little Sir, that it was about a dog that was the same breed as Logan. Turns out, Fergus is actually a West Highland Terrier, not a Cairn Terrier, but he's pretty dang cute none the less. We don't have the book yet, but from what the helpful runner said, it sounds as if they have the same MO.
Any other wonderful children's books that I need to know about?

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