Thursday, May 07, 2009

What is sounds like in my head

This is why I am not blogging right now- kudos to you if you actually are able to read it.

Hello all, I am off to Utah on Friday to spend Mother's Day with all my favorite Moms. School, adoption, Little Sir, and sleep are consuming me. I am actually going days at a time without knitting (yes, I am loosing my mind.) I only have 5 weeks left of school, though. I am nearly finished with a sweater for Little Sir (couldn't handle turning heels, so socks are in waiting.) We are hopeful for some adoption progress soon (although that wouldn't free up any more time, would it?- Still that is one additional commitment I'll happily add!) I will try to blog about something interesting while I am there, but no promises. I all ready have "appointments" on several days and I am taking school work with me. Ugh- graduation you can't come soon enough. I am all ready frazzled about not being in Utah long enough to see everyone (hello! My best friend had a baby and I MUST go see her. When? Kerst? Sunday?) Also reminding myself that I will be in Utah again at the end of June and I will be there for longer then and I will be graduated by then (is that really going to happen? It seems so unreal.) Also, I want to finish the Duke's quilt and I NEED to finish the lace for my MIL's dress while I am there (which I am knitting- um, Princess and Queen, you may get a crash course in lace knitting while I am there.) But I am so getting ahead of myself. Before I go I have to buy Little Sir several pair of new pants, his 18 mo ones are all too short now, oh and onsies too, they all fit in the body, but too short in the arms. I am raising a monkey child. Speaking of which, did I tell you all about how he peed all over me today. Yup, he had a bad diaper rash (which appeared out of nowhere- he didn't have it this morning,) was crying because it hurt so bad when I changed his diaper, didn't want me to put a diaper back on, just wanted me to hold him and comfort him, so I did. Next thing I am SOAKED in baby urine. Yep, that is love. OK, and I need to do laundry, I have NO clean clothes and I want to buy a new outfit for the pictures we are getting taken on Tuesday. Hopefully something that make my massive breasts look smaller- I am thinking of having something done about them (read surgery,) they are so annoying and heavy. TMI? Sorry, I didn't think anyone would actually make it this far. Well, there you go, I blogged. This is a tribute to my mother (who not only thinks like this, but also talks and lives like this- can you imagine?) Love you, Mom. Thanks for passing on the never ending voice in my head. At least it sings sometimes. It is also a tribute to my education (may it come to an end soon) think about how much effort it has taken for me to learn how to write in a coherent way when I am thinking like this!

Now, your reward (or reprieve)- I can not believe this was my boy last summer. OOOOH, I so need another one of those sweet smelling, big deer eyed, cooing little, adorable beings. (Taking nothing, of course from Little Sir, who is the most perfect toddler on the plant- did I tell you he unloaded the silverware from the dish washer today for me- he can barley reach the drawer they go it, so I would wait until he went back to the dishwasher - this was a one by one process- and I would put the one he just put in the drawer into its proper slot- he is simply a genius, what can I say?) I just can't wait for another little bundle to come to our home. I guess I will get my temp fix this week with ET, the Princess' new little man. Gah! I can hardly wait to hold him. (I think I just started lactating a little- not really, just water I spilled on my previously mentioned massive breasts- they do get in the way.) Oh and I just wanted to let you know that this manic post was brought to you completely caffeine free. Imagine what happens after I've had a Coke! Now you know why I don't drink it very often!

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