Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Duke learned something shortly after we were married, that the Yarn Queen (my mom) knew long ago. I am an excellent resister. I know what I should do, I know when it should be done, but that doesn't mean I'm going to do it.

Due to a faulty gene that my father passed on to me, we even have a song about it, specifically about going to bed, but you will get the idea. . .

(To the music of the Monkees' song "I'm a Believer")

Yes I'm awake! I'm a resister.
Not a trace of sleep in my eyes.
I'm awake, I'm a resister, I couldn't sleep now if I tried.

I know, I know, like I said, faulty genes.

So, what is it that I am supposed to be doing?

Studying of course.

I had my ECON final on Monday night (that's why I missed your party Emily, so sorry- I had studies myself into a stupor.) So I studied hard all day Saturday, and worried about it all night. I don't study on Sundays, but the Duke knew I would be anxious about it all day if he didn't get me out of the house (I had finally fallen asleep, and being the smart and kind husband that he is, he opted not to wake me for church.) So in the afternoon, after I woke up, we went to Miles and Tzarina's place to try out their new Wii, it's pretty darn cool, and I don't even like video games. The whole, moving around and action aspect makes it a whole lot more appealing than any other video game I've ever played. I got to try my hand at swinging a cow, by a rope, over my head, very distracting. . . The Duke is a good man. (and Miles and Tzarina are very cool too, thanks guys!)

Oh yes, and Miles, I think that Lincoln is the most huggable dead president ever, and I was wondering when you are going to reveal to the world that Lincoln is a knitter?

So, we got home in time to wind down and go to bed, um, yeah, I must have been trying to fool myself. So I got up at about 2:30 and started studying again. It wasn't Sunday anymore, and yes, I know that's sick, I can't help it. I live with a very high level of anxiety. Two shortish naps and something like 9 hours of studying later, I left to take my ECON test.

It's over, it's done, I think I may have passed. I'll let you know.

So that leads us to today. I should be studying right now, I still have a final tomorrow. Like I said, I know what I am supposed to do, and when I am supposed to do it. I did finish my final paper today, but I just can't bring myself to study any more. I have long surpassed my quota for studying within a 36 hour period. The logical side of my brain says, "you still have a test, it doesn't matter how much you have studied, YOU STILL HAVE ONE MORE TEST!" and the creative side of my brain says "NO NO NO -with a pouty face- I want to do something else!"

And who wins? You all should know by now, the creative side always wins.

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Merino and Tussah Silk- who wants to study when this is hanging around begging to be spun?

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And baby hats- people there are babies out there without hats. Isn't that more important than my marketing final? (Yes, the right brain sometimes tries to use logical looking emotion to trick the left brain. . . it never works.)

OK, OK, now that I have resisted to the point that I have no other options but to study NOW! I am off to read about convergence theory. Unless I am somehow hijacked by a beautiful ball of yarn that NEEDS knitting STAT! I could happen.


  1. All right brainers have this problem Duchess, not just your family.

  2. Silly daughter, that's why i don't do school anymore. When are you going to get that smart. love the Queen

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Oh, my husband does the same thing with his studies. Good thing he is in his masters program so he is almost done!
    I would so choose knitting over studying anyday also :)

  4. Hehe, are we related? I think we must be related.