Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Babies and Business

A few things before I fall into my bed

1. Our business plan made it to the final four. I can hardly believe it. I'm still too exhausted from the last round to process it. The final presentation is May 2nd. Wish me luck.

2. My sweet little nephew (my brother's son) asks Princess P. (also his aunt) if he can get on our blogs to see our babies. Isn't that the stinkin' cutest thing you've ever heard of. Princess says he thinks that the widgets are real video of our babies. I must admit that nearly every day I pull up my blog and watch that little widget. It helps me realize that all this suffering really is because of a little alien growing inside of me. The Duke watches the widget too. The other day he called me in to show me that s/he was sucking his or her thumb. Who'da thunk that a little creative programing could have such a big impact on us?

3. There are a lot of babies in this town. Every time I see a little one I want to cry for how bad I wish mine were on the outside all ready. Six months has never seems like such a long time to me.

4. One of Lincoln's old co-workers had us come over to her house yesterday. She sent us home with all sorts of baby things we will need (that she doesn't need anymore.) We were so overwhelmed and also so grateful. We really didn't know that babies were so technical, or at least all the gear was so technical. It's always nice to have a "guide" when entering such new and unfamiliar territory. I know, I know, millions of people go there every day. OK, so then WHY is it so new and strange to us?

5. OK, goodnight. The alien is demanding that I sleep now.

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