Sunday, April 15, 2007

No energy to blog

Dear friends and knitters,

Please excuse the Duchess from her usual blogging activities for a few more days and please accept her apologies for the long stretch of blogging silence. She is very sick and very tired and all of the very little energy that she does has is being used up by the current business plan competition. When she returns to her normal (well as normal as can be expected) self, you can look forward to the following posts:

  • a finished sweater
  • she's caught the mitered madness
  • the Yarn Queen came to visit and we (between bouts of sickness) significantly added to the health of the yarn economy in Seattle.
  • an ultrasound??? what did we see?
  • cute baby things
  • probably a little more whining about how much she hates being pregnant (that being at the top of her brain right now)
  • A "thinking bloggers" post, as the lovely Bells was so gracious to nominate this humble little blog as such.

OK, tata 'till then dear friends.

The Duchess' non-pregnant alter identity

Note from the Duchess:

Thank you all so much for the emails and comments. I have read them and been very touched (you have no idea what will reduce me to tears now a-days!) You are all very sweet. Thank you so much.


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