Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh Baby

Babies, Babies, Babies. . . It seems like half of the world (the female half) is pregnant. Really, I just have five (only five???) friends who are expecting, so expect to see a lot of baby gear here for a while. I needed some mindless knitting and a baby blanket is just the ticket. There is a fine line, for me, between mindless knitting and tedious knitting. A combination of stockinett stitch and seed stich with a little intarsia color work thrown in keeps it easy but still on the interesting side.

The color choice is not my favorite, but it certainly is traditional baby. My friend is not finding out what she is having, so the colors were a struggle. We went to see them (the friends) this weekend and were able to see their nursery, so that helped. They did it in all pastel colors, so pastels it is. Let me tell you all, I don't know about not finding out what the sex of your baby is going to be. Maybe I'm just high strung (OK I am high strung) but I think a few months to buy appropriate clothes, focus in on one name, etc. could only be a good thing. Oh well, I guess I'm just oppinionated.

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca's Dyed Cotton, and what a treat to knit with! The pattern in my own design, and the needle is a US 10 so it is going pretty fast.

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  1. make that six, we just found out another friend is expecting.