Monday, May 22, 2006

Baby hats, baby hats, ooooohh baby, baby, hats.

Look at all of these BABY HATS!

So about a month ago I was asked to start knitting baby hats to contribute to a service project sponsored by the stake I belong to. (a stake is a group of several smaller church congregations)

I knew that there was something more I could do than just knit a few hats to support this project I sent an email out to all my co-workers. Now, these are some VERY busy women. Many of them work two jobs, go to school, and still have to find time to knit, but a few of them were able to contribute. Thank you Tami, Roseanne, Kelly and Mimi. We were able to contribute 20 hats to the project. There are 18 hats here, but I wanted a nice round number so I hurry and knit two more.

So the project was four fold.

1. Knit hats for babies that come to disadvantaged women in our area- the stake collectively knit over 200 hats
2. Teddy bears for Police officers and Firefighters to give to kids that they rescue from traumatic situations- we (not me specifically) made vests for them.
3. Baby blankets to go with the hats - all sewn that day
4. Recording our feelings about the gospel in copies of the Book of Mormon, so when people read it, they know that there are real women out there whose lives have been changed, enriched and enlightened by the teachings in that book.

It was a successful project, with between 150 and 200 women there. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. I highly recommend it!

Later in the day Tzarina and I went to two yarn shops I have never been to before, Seattle Yarn and Cultured Pearls. I didn't buy anything, but there were some yarns I had never seen before at Cultured Purls. I really liked two of them and I might make the trip back to Issaquah one day when I have money. I would tell you what they are called, but I can't remember, so there you go, a reason to visit a new store.
I also "shop hopped" to the Fiber Gallery, Village Yarn and Teas, Main Street Yarns, and Weaving Works on Friday. Amazingly, I went to 7 (including Hilltop where I work) yarn shops in one weekend and only spent about $30.


  1. Wow, that pile of hats is AMAZING! Great work to all of you. I only wish I could've added to the pile this time, but maybe next time!

  2. That is quite the pile o' hats! Congrats on all the good work.

  3. Thank you so much for all you did! (You didn't mention how you also taught a bunch of women how to make pom-poms to put on hats.)

    It was such a great project and you made a wonderful contribution.