Saturday, May 27, 2006

You Didn't!

You didn't!

I did!

What where you thinking?

I don't know!

What are going to do?

Ask for help. . . Sarah? Karen? Martine?


  1. oh gosh. you took the words right outta my mouth. have fun! I have no idea how to use a spinning wheel.

  2. Ha-ha! My master plan is working! Hilltop Spinning Guild, here we come!

    I am so excited you did this - my spinning skills are woefully inadequate, but I do seem to be getting better. We can all learn from each other!

  3. Yes, Yes, I AM insane!

  4. Very naughty...
    Now you will have to learn how to use the thing. He! He! He! very naughty. Just what you need is another hobby.... You must be related to your mother.