Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Shop Hop and a Meme in Honor

Tomorrow will comence the first ever

Puget Sound Yarn Shop Hop

for details. . . go here

In Honor, a new knitting meme. . . Hilltop Bloggers (and anyone else!), what do you say?

Which of your finished projects are you most proud of?
It's between the Duke's Green Polar Sweater (people never believe him that his wife designed and knit it!)
and the awful lace capelet I knit for Princess P.

Which of your UFO’s is never going to see the light of day again?
I am really ticked off at a little sun dress I was knitting for my neice out of Rowan Denim. I might frog it and knit her something else.

What is the most unusual place you have ever purchased yarn?
hmmmm. . . not that unusual but I did buy some recycled skilk from this Jewish guy selling various felted objects and other fiber treasures at the cash and carry section of the Seattle Gift Show. It was also the best deal I have gotten on yarn - $2.00 per skien.

What is the most money (plastic or real) you have ever dropped on yarn at one time?
Not that much, really, my vice is continual small purchases, but it was probably in the $100-$120 range.

Where is the craziest place(s) you have whipped out your needles?
The craziest is probably the circus, but the place I got the most trouble about it was at my husband's company Christmas party. People often think that me knitting equates to boredom, not true. . . always.

What is the most unique project you have ever undertaken?
Probably the fully functional dog collar, leash and anklets. (with felted doggie toys too!)

Have Fun


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