Thursday, November 29, 2007


Learning to understand and respect one's own limits is something that most women, including myself, are not very good at. I am beginning to understand that one of the reasons that God gave us the opportunity to have children is to teach us this particular kind of self evaluation and respect. My inability to get my "to do" list done is *blinking hot neon pink* obvious.

To demonstrate my newly attained ability to "let things go," I am only knitting one (yes ONE) Christmas present this year. Aren't you proud of me? Did you think that such a statement could be made on a knitting blog?

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Here it is. . . A Swallowtail shawl, which I am naturally altering, in Twinkle Knit's, Kid Mohair in Silver Lavender. At least on my screen, neither my shot, nor the one on their page shows off the color well. It is a beautiful muted lavender. This yarn is heavier than the Misti Alpaca the pattern calls for and I am actually knitting it on a size US 9 needle. It is knitting up much faster that way, and I won't be completing all of the pattern repeats, or the thing would be giant.

I am very proud of myself for realizing early on that trying to knit a multitude of gifts this year would be a pursuit of frustration. Now if I could just come to the same conclusion about the laundry and walk away from that as well. . . I wonder what that would look like. . . terribly ugly, I'm afraid.

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