Monday, January 07, 2008

What is WRONG with me?

It is 5:10 am PST here at Yarnnation. That's right, the middle of the night by my standards. I don't think anyone should ever see 5:10 am on their clock if they can at all help it.

I could say that I am awake because I was happily nursing my adorable (if somewhat vampiresque) child who is going through yet another growth spurt. And I did nurse him- you know, about an hour ago, after I had all ready been awake for about an hour.

So there goes that excuse.

The real problem is that I woke up in the VERY middle of the night- around 3:00 am PST and realized that. . .


What was I thinking? I am not ready for this.

So, I am freaking out in my own particular Duchess way, which of course involves no sleep, because heaven forbid I be well rested when I am going through a stressful event in my life. That would make no sense what-so-ever.

OK- I'm going back to bed (so I can stare at the ceiling and wait for the doom of daylight to come.)

I'll let you all know how it goes- assuming I survive.

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