Friday, November 03, 2006

A Few Good Things

1. This week is over. My midterm has been turned in. The fashion show was a smash hit. I have tomorrow off to spend with the Duke, and that is a good thing.

2. I got this in the mail yesterday from High Prairie Fibers (thank you Abi!) and no one can argue that isn't a good thing.

3. Knitty rejected my pattern, and while that perhaps wasn't a real good thing, I really wasn't too upset. It isn't my finest pattern (it is intended to be a quick project to knit before Christmas.) But it does mean that the pattern, Jane, is now up on Yarn
nation Patterns, and that is a good thing!


  1. you are very cute. Congrats on finishing your midterms! and your Jane pattern is quite appealing... hm... maybe I should make one... ;)

  2. I think that your shrug is very nice. I particulary like the color choice..... Trying to figure out what kool aide you used!

  3. Shrug is very cute! Isnt Abi the best? I bought an ugly batt from her and some DE roving,,,, havent touched the batt yet but the roving is spindling great! Cant beat her price!

  4. Yarn_Queen11:34 PM

    Hey you are looking good.
    I still need help, don't abandon me.
    You know the blog thing...
    You should have known better than to get me started on some computer thing.
    He HE he
    Phoebe refused to let me ride my broom around the store even if it was Halloween.

  5. That is one fantastic little sweater. Gorgeous!