Saturday, November 11, 2006

How I failed to become a photographer.

So, as I was going through the mess that is the third floor of my house, and trying to get it sorted and put away, I came across my portfolio and creative exercise portions of my second application to the photography program at BYU. It is a tiny program, and I SOOOOO wanted to get it. After my first failed attempt I did a little research and found it was going to take a lot more effort than I had put into the first one.

I took an entire semester off of school, got a job with a photographer, and spent those four months working on my application. I was very proud of it when I got it done. It was not, however, impressive to the photography powers that be.

Here are three of my 12 creative exercise pieces. I thought the first one was appropriate to show for Veteran's day. (As a side note, everyone call your veteran grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends this weekend and let them know how much you appreciate what they did to give you the life that you have.)

This last one is a butterfly I did later. It was the first drawing I did after having my application rejected. I haven't drawn in such a long time. Maybe it's time to hunt down my sketch book and Prismacolors.

You can see the photography portion of my portfolio here. It is actually a lot better than the creative exercise.


  1. Megan my dear -- I want to call on everyone to thank their grandmothers, aunts, moms and sisters for their fights, both on the front and at home, to bring us where we are today, too!

  2. when will we ever have a happy rosie the riveter day? could we have had an effective war machine without her?

  3. I'm always getting in trouble. Of course, both of you know that I am ROSIE'S biggest fan. She used to be my avatar, before Maya took over, and I love everything she represents.
    I also acknowlege the sacrafices of the women in our lives, an especially the veteran women, I know they are out there. I just don't know any of them, so it didn't occur to me.

    Veteran's day, to me, is all about my 2 grandfathers. One was an in air radio opperator in the airforce during WWII and the other who was an ammunition man for a big gun unit on the front lines during WWII. Neither of them were married at the time.

    What those two men did, the courage they displayed, the actions they took, are personally sacred to me. I believe that they were fighting for me personally, preserving my future freedom, as well as for the good of the nation. Veteran's day, for me, is a day to honor them.

    Go ahead and lobby for a Rosie day, I will sign the petition, and I will celebrate it, but not on the same day as Veteran's day.