Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Good to be Sweet!

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What do you do when your loving Duke is turning 30 (yesterday was his birthday) and he requests a carrot cake with REAL cream cheese frosting, keeping in mind of course that you are allergic to dairy?

Well, you make it for him of course! I just found that if I got a little creative that I could share his birthday cake with him as well.

First off, the cake was converted to cupcakes. I love cupcakes and the Duke doesn't care one way or the other. (I think he really likes cupcakes better too, they are more fun to eat than a piece of cake!)

Then, I made two batches of frosting. One with REAL cream cheese and the other with soy cream cheese. As my allergy is not sever, just annoying (I get a rash on my face) I tasted a bit of the real kind to see how different it is from the soy version, they taste so similar I don't think anyone would be able to say which was which.

SWEET! Carrot Cupcakes!

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The top four are the real cream cheese and the bottom four are the soy cream cheese. (Please excuse the crummy camera phone photos- my camera's batteries are dead and I have no replacements in the house.)

You say you need more sweetness than that? Oh, well let me help you.

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Here I am with my sweet little niece who is sitting on top of a donkey- yes a donkey! And where, you might ask, did we find a donkey? Oh just in the Queen and King's front yard. Yes people, here is proof that I have not always been a city girl, but at one time was a sweet country girl. Let's just focus on my adorable niece, though. Have you ever seen such a sweet girl?

SWEET- a super cute niece on a donkey!

Oh, and if that isn't enough sweetness for you, I have a baby bit more!

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Here is "W" remembering his great grandparent's generation. Here he is doing his best impersonation of Kilroy!

SWEET! A baby Kilroy!

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