Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baby Love

A very dear friend of mine has a little boy. He was born six weeks ago. He was due yesterday. It's been a rough start for this little guy, especially since yesterday they all returned to the hospital because he had fluid building on his brain and had to have a shunt placed.

The latest report is that he has been released and is doing OK. I doubt the same can be said for his poor mother.

I live 800 miles away from where they are. I wish I could be closer. As it is I can only do two things for them, pray and knit. I do those two things pretty well, so that is what I have been doing.

I designed this vest for little C. It probably won't fit him until next fall, but that's OK.

The yarn is Dalegarn's Baby Ull, needles US 1 and 3.

I love you K. The Duke and I are praying for you and C. I can hardly wait to met him! Give him kisses from his aunt Duchess.

Also, pair 3 of 20 is coming along. I've got the heels turned and I'm ready to start the gussets.

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