Sunday, July 25, 2010

Genius in my Head

You know that day when you were a child. . . that day that it finally clicked and you had learned to ride a bike. Do you remember that feeling? Millions of other kids have learned to ride a bike, your dumb older sister could ride a bike, but still, you felt like a genius for having master the art of two wheeled locomotion.

That is how I felt about this project.

I have seen them all over blogland. Like here, here, here, and a bunch of them here. A zillion and one people have done it before me, but it was so easy, I made it a little different than any others that I have seen, and I absolutely love it.


Now my camera has a pretty little dress to wear. I also made mine removable so that I can change it if I want to. Oh, and I didn't use any of the tutorials, I thought they were all a little too much for basically a tube of fabric. I just laid my camera strap on my fabric, ripped the fabric in the appropriate places, sewed it together and put it on. No pattern, no measuring, just fast. It only took about 20 minutes to make it.

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  1. Um, you don't have an older sister, and no, even though I was 8 when I learned to ride my bike, I don't remember. Of course, I don't remember much.