Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Frugal Fix

Little Sir it getting bigger and as his body grows so does his will.  He has officially given up sitting in his awesome high chair (scroll to the bottom of that post.)  We have agreed that he can sit on a regular chair either on him bum or on his knees.  Well, he can't really reach yet when sitting on his bottom, so it's usually his knees. . . or I should say, it's sometimes his knees because meal times at our house sound something like this. . .

"Little Sir, on your knees!"
"On your knees!"
"LS, on your knees RIGHT NOW!"
"You are going to fall off that chair and crack open your head- it will hurt- now sit on your knees!"
"LS, if you don't sit on your knees RIGHT NOW you are going to go back into your high chair!"

Monday evening, after a fun day at the part with friend we were having a particularly difficult time.  In complete exasperation I groaned "Little Sir, why can't you JUST. SIT. ON. YOUR. KNEES?"  The funny thing is, he answered.  He told me it hurt to sit on his knees and showed me the scraped up knees he had acquired earlier at the park.  Well, what do you know, I'm a horrible mother sometimes.

So I asked him if he would like a pillow to kneel on and he said "YES!"

I went to the family room and retrieved one of these horrible throw pillows that we have been throwing around our living room for years and years.  I keep meaning to get rid of, but always forget when I'm going to Goodwill because they are still in the living room being used as toys, dog beds, laptop desks, kneeling cushions. . . you get the idea.

Little Sir was thrilled and stayed kneeling the entire rest of the meal.

I had also just received a package in the mail from the Duke's grandmother with some boyish fabric in it that had been in her stash and she was hoping I could use.  It was sitting on my stairs waiting to be put away and there was one piece of fabric that Little Sir just would not leave alone.  He wanted it as a cape, as a blanket, as a tent, he just wanted it!

I had an idea, and tonight while the Duke was eating a late dinner, I sat at my sewing machine and worked out a boyish solution to our meal time mayhem. 

Cute, don't you think?

It's a simple pocket pillow cover with two ties sewn into the back seam.

The ties were even free, some bias tape a woman threw in at a garage sale when I bought a sewing pattern from her! I zigzagged down each side of them in red to for a bit of detail.

I'm so happy with this.  Not only do we have a solution to the kneeling problem, I don't have to look at my ugly and unwanted throw pillows anymore.  Well, at least one of them.  I think there may be another little boy or girl in the near future who will need a seat cushion to kneel on.

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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Love it! However, if the new pillow doesn't work after the novelty wears off, what we did when M decided to quit the high chair was get one of the strap on high chairs. I put it on a regular chair and ditched the tray. We still buckle in then push up to the table. We call it a booster seat. Because it is on a regular chair he doesn't mind a bit and I like that he's still got on his "seat belt".

  2. Love it! Cute idea. Especially love the fabric. It makes me laugh to see sports fabric in your house!

  3. Very cute idea...I love the color green too. Come and visit my blog sometime...I have some parties you may be interested in in the future. Debbie