Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Friends Deserve Knitting

So in the previous post I mentioned friend, J. He is the one that has "dragged" the Duke and I to Winthrop twice now. If he hadn't, we would never get away. We would just stay home and work on the house (specifically the attic right now, which actually has a ladder and lights now!)

J. is a great friend. Now, Yarnnation is a small nation, but we do have one great natural resource. . . yarn! We set the needles a working, and presented J. with a gift from the people (and dogs) of Yarnnation.

The specs:
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed
(This is SUCH a nice yarn to knit with)
Pattern: simple 4x4 ribbing, blocked out
Gauge: Oh, like you really care (4 st per in.)

Here is J. wearing it. Looks good on him, doesn't it.

And, just because everyone needs to know how cute and smart and angel-like my dogs are, here is Maggie with her paw on the my scriptures.

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