Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love the Corriedale

OK, remember all that roving I acquired last weekend, well, the spinning has begun!

This is the Corriedale from Crown Mountain Farms. I bought it in pencil roving form, so it was easy to get nice thin singles.

Here it is plyed on the wheel. . .
post washing, a little "poof" factor. . .

and a close up.

I actually went to OFFF in hopes of finding a new orifice hook, something pretty. I found some beautiful ones that were too expensive, and some that I could afford but that were cheesy and I knew I could make something better, so I did! Here it is.


  1. I have no idea what the orifice hook is for, but I like your solution!

    The Corriedale is gorgeous, too.

  2. It's a simple little tool that you use to pull your leader yarn from you bobbin throught the hole, or orifice, to where you can spin it.

  3. "Orifice hook" doesn't seem like the right name for something so pretty. :)

  4. So true, I didn't name it. I just report the facts.

  5. I love all the trinkets! Are they all beads?

  6. yep, all beads bought at a funky little bead store in SLC