Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have you any Wool?

What do you get when you pack two fiber enthusiasts, two terriers, and two reluctant husbands into a Saturn SL2 and drive the whole lot to Oregon for the the weekend?

Two very happy knitters, husbands who now know what a Pygora Goat is, and two very fussy dogs.

We (Tzarina and I, with men and dogs in tow) went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend, and tragedies of tragedies, I FORGOT MY CAMERA! How could I, I don't know. I was too excited, to drunk with the images of fiber animals dancing in my head.

It is a three hour drive that took us 5 hours on the way down. This includes stopping in Centralia, WA at Country Cousin's for a Yak Burger, yes, a Yak Burger. I know, I know, they are endangered in their natural habitat, but these Yaks are bred at a near-by farm and are not in any danger of extinction. For those of you unable, unwilling, or uninterested in driving to Centrailia for a Yak Burger, it tastes much like handburger, but has about 1/5 the fat of beef.

Next day, we slept in a little, but where to the OFFF by about 11:00. It was heaven. I was overwhelmed by fiber, it was wonderful. Tzarina and I also met up with Sarah shortly after we got there and the three of us spent a fiber filled fantastic day together. (Sarah remembered her camera, so watch her blog for pictures.) Karen has suggested that we go through the entire festival before making our purchases. I tried, I really did, and almost made it. Either way, I ended up with enough fiber to keep me spinning for a few months at least.

Here are the spoils. . .

Far Left: Corriedale, 8 oz, colorway- comfort, Judy's Novelty Wool, which I just now discovered is a UTAH fiber addict. I will have to visit her again when I am visiting. Can't wait to see how these rich colors spin up.

Center Left: 50/50 Alpaca/Bluefaced Leicester , 1 lb, undyed- I didn't get a card, and there is no band because it was being sold by weight. Sarah, do you know her name? She also had some of the most beautiful hand dyed fiber there, again, watch Sarah's blog.

Center Right: Corriedale, 8 oz, colorway- Blue River, Crown Mountain Farms They sell this off of their website, very good price, lovely colorways, wonderful fiber.

And Last But NOT Lease, Right- Llama, 12 oz, undyed, Sialia Llamas. This came from a very generous and beautiful little llama girl named Ella Jean. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Ella Jean. Your downy wonderful cloud like fiber will be a very special treasure one day.

Oh, isn't it all wonderful.

With all of the driving time, and despite the fact that I had a dog on my lap for much of the time, I also got one Jaywalker finished and the second one down about 3 inches. I haven' knit socks in such a long time, but I really like these, I may have a new small project obsession, BIG SURPRISE !

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