Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jumble of Stuff

1. Ravelry is pretty cool. I think I suffered a bit from the build-up, but there really is nothing like it or even close to it. My favorite feature is that you can search for a book and any of the patterns that anyone on the site has knit (and some that no one has) come up and you can click and see it knit 'for real', read what other knitters thought about it, ect.

2. Remember this?

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I've been working on it.

Here it is sanded (sorry for the terribly bright pics, mid-day sun and a funky camera)

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And later tonight we should see the finished project. I am just waiting for the 7 drawer pulls to dry- yes I said 7, I accidentally only bought 7 instead of 8, so another trip to Home Depot to pick up a $1.29 pull. I'm, naturally, blaming it on pregnancy.

3. What's this

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Well, I think it's another nearly completed baby sweater. The one the Duke 'designed' if I'm not mistaken. Look for a FO coming soon to a Yarnnation near you.

4. I want to express my appreciation to Crocs.
It may seem a little strange to you to publicly thank a shoe company. Perhaps, but let me explain. NONE of my shoes fit, literally not a single pair. I can only wear flip flops. Next month the Duke and the alien and I are off to NYC. Now, having been to NYC before, the idea of walking around the glorious (if a bit grimy) city in flip flops was grossing me out. My friend Lucy came to visit me on Sunday. She was wearing some very cute Mary Jane Crocs. She let me try her's on, and what do you know, THEY FIT!!! I went out the next day and procured two pair, one black, one brown. I think I am also going to have to order a pair in red. Thank you Lucy and thank you Crocs! I will not be walking around NYC with my bare feet only 1/4 inch from the streets.

5. On this same shopping excursion I walked past a display in Nordstrom's and saw something that caught my eye. . . a mannequin with a very cute duster on.

Something like this (image from Nordstroms)
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Then I got my Real Simple Magazine.
and it has an article about cardigans in it. I open it and I see

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(image from Liy McNeal)

and this,
(image from Land's End - I know it's a tiny pic, click on the link to see it up close, it's a beautiful sweater.)

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and I think back about 5 or so years ago, the last time long sweaters were in style. At that time I thought to myself, "Self, you don't want to buy ALL that yarn, and knit that GIANT sweater for weeks and weeks just to have it not be in style next year."

And I wonder if I will be able to convince myself again.

And I remember this from this, and I doubt it.

6. The Duke and I are 1/4 of the way through the last Harry Potter. Yes, I know we are sadly behind, and that is fine. From the time the very first book came out when the Duke and I had just started dating, we have read each of them (with one exception when we were living in different cities) together. He reads out loud to me in the evenings while I knit. It is one of our very favorite past times, and we especially enjoy it with Harry Potter. So, don't talk to me about the book or I'll scream- oh yes, and as my poor family has found out, don't call me after about 6:30 pm Pacific Coast time for the next week and a half. I won't want to talk to you. :)

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