Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finals Week

I'm a little quiet as of late, you say? It's finals week. The Duke finished his yesterday- HIS LAST FINAL EVER!!! Lucky man. He still has eight months of rotations to finish, but he is done with classes. I on the other hand still have Managerial Accounting on Friday night, (who gives a final on Friday night!!!) Not to mention 18 more months of classes. . . I needed a little break from studying, so here I am. Here's a "take away" (that's management talk for the only thing you heard in the last 10 weeks.)

Leadership vs. Management
When Noah heard the weather forecast he ordered the building of the ark.--- that was Leadership
Then he looked around and said, "Make sure the elephants don't see what the rabbits are up to."--- that was Management


  1. heehee. I like the management joke. Congrats in advance to the Duke and poor you, a final on a Friday night!!!

    Also I meant to comment on how CUTE you are with your dutch oven cornbread. We have one of those dutch ovens, only I didn't know it was called that. Now I can make food in it outdoors!

  2. Thanks Daphne, I'm currently putting off studing again. If you and Seth want to learn to use your Dutch Oven let me know, I'll tell you when the next cook out is.

  3. The joke is funny...
    no sympathy for those who inflect torture on themselves....da like finals...helllllo the queen