Friday, June 16, 2006

The (somewhat premature) finish line. . .

Here's the finished baby blanket and even an extra little happiness thrown in for good measure. For those of you interested, the blanket and the hat only took 4 skeins of Blue Sky's Dyed Cotton, with enough left over for another hat and some booties.
I think I'll call it the 'suprise' baby blanket. There's no suprise in the blanket (other than it only takes 4 skiens) but it's for when the baby is going to be a suprise- darn those non-knitting women, don't they KNOW!

Here is the Calmer shrug. The original pattern was Second Nature Designs "All Eyes on You Poncho." I loved the lace pattern, but a poncho, um no, thus the shrug was born. The original idea was to just have buttons on one side and button up the sleeves, but the calmer doesn't hold the buttons well. It's too stretchy, so I am going to sew it up I think. I mean, don't want to get too comitted, really!

So the only think left on the needles is the Shelby sweater, which I don't have to have done until the first of July. So seeing as I only have the button band and weaving in ends, and I have been so good in my finishing spree, I officially rule (I am the Duchess of Yarnnation, after all) a photo finish and the winner is. . . ME!
Cast on here I come. I had an epiphany last night, I'm in stealth mode for a few days as I work out the details. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Oh man, leaving us with a cliffhanger... I can't wait!

    I ripped out a lavender version of that poncho, but now I'm thinking I should've left it in the UFO pile since your shrug idea is very smart. (Don't worry, it wasn't *done* or even nearly so.) The eyelet lace is really, really nice in Calmer.

    Is the Surprise blanket a Hilltop pattern? It seems we need more baby patterns! :)

    Okay, twiddling my thumbs until you come back and report on that epiphany!

  2. Thanks Daphne,

    I asked Jennifer if she wanted the suprise pattern. She seemed so-so about it. She thought it was cute, but she's concerned about $$$ right now.