Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Isn't this cool.
So my friend Kat got me reading masonddixonknitting.com
I couldn't resist trying it, isn't it pretty, it's my blog in graph form.
Click here to try your own blog or website.

So when you are me, and I hope no one else is me, your summer vacation lasts about a week and a half. I go back to school on Thursday. Naturally, I had to share what I did on my summer vacation,




Isn't it pretty. It is my first real garden and I am loving it. I even added compost to the soil first, and let me tell you, that stuff STINKS! Please, don't tell me why it stinks, I know what it is made of, I read the bag. What I really want to know is why bat poop gets is own special name.

As for the epiphany mentioned below. . . well it is just under half finished. I think this one might be Knitty bound if I can get it done in time. Isn't the suspense killing you???

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