Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On the Road Again, I Just Can't Wait to Be On the Road Again

Really I COULD wait, but I don't have a choice. Luckily this week it will be fore vacation, and the drive is only 3.5 hours. Much more sane. So here's the last trip in pictures and knitting.

I thought dish cloths would be a great traveling project, small, no counting or charts, short rows so the Duke doesn't have to wait long for me to finish a row. This was also perfect because a few of my very old dish cloths (like 10 years, these things last forever) had started to get ratty.
In and 18 hour trip I thought I could get 10 done, no problem. I got off to a good start.

Then the Duke got tired and so I had to drive. . . Three hours cut out of my knitting time, so #2 gets finished nearly half way there.

Shasta Lake was beautiful
And #3 appears shortly after. Then I need a nap, the short night's sleep, the bouncing around in the big truck, ect. ect. Then tragedy. . . The Duke needs me to drive again. We switch at a little town called Willows, CA. (I think) I get stuck driving through some crazy windy canyon where the trees grow at an angle because of the wind- keeping a 26' truck on the road required everything I had. Then my torture test continues as I make my way through Sacramento traffic, and then Bay Area traffic during Rush Hour. Several hours after I took the wheel I can no longer hold the wheel, as my arms ache so badly from gripping the wheel so tight.

The beautiful sunset made me feel better (along with my darling Duke taking over the truck for the last hour.) However, no more knitting progress was made due to aching hands and arms.

The next day I find that I still can't knit, my arms start to burn 10 sts in and by the end of a row I am in serious pain. Sigh, my muscles are inflamed. The remedy, ES Tylenol, no knitting, and rest. NO KNITTING!!! So I made a trip to my local fiber store and purchased a goodly amount of roving. If I can't knit, by golly, I will spin!

Pictures tomorrow

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