Monday, October 02, 2006

Fair-isle Fast Track

So Jen, my boss, asked me if I wanted to knit for the upcoming fashion show. I told her I didn't think so, my knitting plate is full!
She said, they're just vests, there's even one in Little Big Wool. . .
I just love Jen, I know she would never lead me astray, right??? I took the bait, I looked. This is what I saw.

My Thoughts
Right brain: It's STUNNING!
Left brain: No, No, No, NOOOO
Right brain: The colors and the design, ohhhh
Right brain: (distractedly to Left brain) Where you saying something to me???
Left brain: Why do I even bother?
Right brain: Oh, you're so right, it would look great on our brother!!! Let's do it.
Left brain: I never win, I know, I'll just "forget" to take it home, Right brain will never remeber

Two weeks lateri
Right Brain: Oh, look Left brain, there's that beautiful yarn again, just waiting to be knit into the vest that would look so good on our brother. Remind us to take it home tomorrow when we have the car. . . you know we only have about a month now to get it done, but we can do it togerher!
Left brain: (to self) What were you thinking? Right brain only forgets about thing in the short term, not the long term, now you've cut our time down by 1/3. That plan really backfired.

So, the next day, Left brain reminded me to take it home. That was Sat. Sat night I started it, and Right brain really showed that she can get things done, if it's her kind of thing.

Who knew that there was a fast track to fair-isle knitting? Gotta Love the Little Big Wool!


  1. Wow! It looks great and SO FAST. I'm impressed but I will not be swayed... will... not... buy... little... big... wool...

  2. Wow, that looks amazing. I'm glad the Right Brain won out.

  3. Ooo, I saw that earlier this evening browsing through some Rowan pics on the web; I love that vest. Unfortunately, The Husband isn't a sweater guy. Wonder how it would look on me? You're making good progress (thank heavens it doesn't have sleeves, huh?)

  4. how do you know you didn't have the sides of your brain mixed up? what if left was saying yes? and right saying no?
    you'll really have to use the gold silver system here!!!

  5. Oooh, it is lovely!

    This sounds like conversations between my right (dominant) brain and left brain!!!