Monday, March 24, 2008


Translation: Welcome (formal)

You never know who is reading your blog. That is part of the fun, right?

This morning I got up and checked my email while I was eating breakfast. I nearly fell off my chair when I read the newest comment from Haloscan. Then I called my sister and we both laughed our silly heads off.
"Been lurking here for a long while, and just thought I'd out myself long enough to say that, I happen to be happily married to that "miscreant old flame" of yours. LOL"
Well, it is a small world. Let me extend to you, S.L., an official welcome to Yarnnation. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Now, the rest of you get to hear the story behind the comment. S.'s hubby is far from a miscreant, thus the quotation marks around the word in the previous post. Regardless, he was arrested as we traveled to Southern Utah for spring break the year we were seniors in high school.

So, here's a little Yarnnation history.

We were in the middle-of-nowhere Utah (Delta for those of you who are familiar with the geography.) Mr. Old Flame was driving my Honda Accord. It was a newer Accord, a standard transmission with a lot of pick-up. On the south end of the little town of Delta the speed limit goes from 25-60 with no transitional increase in speed. We could see the speed limit sign where it increased, and Mr. OF sped up to meet that speed. We were maybe 100 yds from the sign when he got pulled over. Technically speaking, he was going 60 in a 25 zone. He got arrested for reckless driving. It was absolutely ridiculous. The officer put him in his patrol car and made me follow them in my car to the county seat, an hour's drive away.

Mr. OF is one of those people who is very calm under pressure(at least he was back then.) He was fine. He and the officer talked, found that the officer and Mr. OF's father had worked together, and the "charge" was changed to an expensive speeding ticket over the course of the drive.

I, on the other hand, cried the entire way there. (Hum- that reaction has only slightly improved in the last 10 years. Personal growth? Meh. . .)

He paid the ticket and we were on our way again. Then, not 30 min later, as if the universe wanted to demonstrate to the world that this young man was far from a troublemaker, we witnessed a car roll, on the freeway, in front of us.

Despite my all ready excited anxiety, Mr. OF stopped, jumped out, and pulled a young couple out of that upside down car. (He was a trained First Responder, so he knew what to do.)
It was truly an act of heroism. As I recall, the young woman was in shock and the first this she said to Mr. OF was "we are getting married in two weeks." Mr. OF's reply: "Maybe someone will give you a new car."

It has been many years since I have talked to Mr. OF, but he was a good man then, and I am sure his wife would readily confirm that he still is.

Once again, welcome to my home on the web, S., and all of you lurkers, known or unknown to me. I am pleased to have you.


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