Monday, July 24, 2006

Utah - The Fiber and Happy Pioneer Day

Logan, Maggie, I'm home, come see what your mommy was doing while she was away visiting your grandma and grandpa.

Mama, is that you? Oh, I missed you so much!

Hey look, she's knitting a sweater in this green cotton (Nautical Cotton by Louisa Harding) so she will look pretty when she's walking me this fall!
What's it going to look like Mama? Ohh, a fitted raglan cardigan, 3/4 length sleeves, and trimmed in a darker green.
I think it will be perfect for our fall walks.

This is sooooo cool mom, it looks like a leopard or something. Maybe you could knit me a toy to play with (read: destroy) out of it. I know you spun it mom, but, but, but. . . well at least could you knit dad a hat out of it so he can look cool when he walks me?

This is cool too mom, like a snake or something.

Hey, YOU, did you see what my mama did???
She took this sheep stuff (hand dyed blue face leister by local Utah company Wasatch Watercolours)

(Don't be rude Logan.)

And made this out of it. It's soooooo pretty, fit for a baby princess, like me.
It's so girly, the snake yarn in cooler.
You're a dumb boy what do you know, I'm going to bite you.
(Maggie, don't bite your brother.)

Mama used grandma (the Queen's) knit-purl bag while she was in Utah. She liked it so well that she is knitting herself one.

Now maybe when she takes us to the park people won't ask her what she's crocheting. Duh, people, we're dogs and we know what knitting is.

I'm so happy to be home with my little pups.


  1. You -- and the puppies -- are too funny, and your knitting projects look great. Oh and your handspun is amazing. Glad you're back in Seattle!

  2. Daphne's right, your handspun is amazing! I'm in complete awe. (Now I'm beginning to believe that if I actually did some spinning now and again, I might actually get some yarn out of it - crazy!)

    I love the color of the Louisa Harding sweater.

  3. Thank you to the Queen for all her excellant ideas. Spinning, knitting bags, loving dumb dogs.
    Sophie has been grounded.(muzzeled)
    Isn't that my beautiful back yard your used for a back drop of the spun yarn.
    My light green turned out beautifully.
    What do we call the gm's of the court.

  4. Enjoyed your blog today. The game was wonderful. Thank you for asking.(not)
    Jasmine wanted to know if my dog had tried to kill anyone lately. (Not unless they are ugly bulldogs.) Brat!