Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leaving it all Behind

Well, the carpet is in, it looks great (if somewhat dark because all of the lamps weren't plugged in yet.)

The rest of my house, well let's just say it's a good thing that I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane for Utah, because the tornado chic look was starting to wear on me.

I have delusions of it being all nice and tidy when I get back (Duke and the dogs stayed behind.) --- well, like I said, delusions.

On the knitting front, we have 8 wonderful, bright, (some might say psychedelic) dish cloths. I've knit 10, give 3 away, leaving me 7. . . Just what I need, right, one for each day of the week. (Let's just pretend I actually do laundry every 7 days and ignore the fact that I packed enough cotton yarn to knit at least three more, hummm, better make that 4-5)

Last night the Duke looked at my bag and shook his head. There was more yarn in my suitcase than clothing. I told him that I only own 7 pairs of shoes, so leave me alone.

Next update: Tooele (pronounced To-ell-a)-- don't get too excited, I doubt it will make your 'places I must travel before I die' list.


  1. Your carpeting looks good but your dishrags, I mean washrags!, look GREAT! I can't wait to make some myself.

  2. I hope your Tooele stay wasn't that bad.

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