Friday, July 21, 2006

Utah- The Family

Sisters, Sisters. . . Princess P., and me!

Prince B. the Bad, Princess P.'s hubby, is a fiber antagonist. He makes fun of our passion, and I put ridiculous photo's of him on the internet. Princess, please , finish his sweater so he can stop saying that he never benefits from your knitting (by-the-way Prince, I do recall my little sister knitting her little fingers to the bone to produce PERSONALIZED beanies for each and every member of someone's basketball team.)

Hemmie, the neurotic Boarder Collie.

Cache, you would never guess this regal looking Shetland Collie, is the noisiest dog you have ever met. He is a restless one year old pup. This was the only time he held still long enough to take his picture the whole time I was there, and even this took some effort.

Sophie, the naughtiest Lakeland Terrier in the world. Good thing for her she is so stinking cute that no one has killer her yet.

Next. . . Utah The Fiber (saving the best for last!)

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