Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Utah- The Reunion

For the sake of sanity, I think I will post the Utah trip is stages. So here is the fist:

We were there for the Duke's 10 year class reunion. Fri. night was a picnic, can you tell it was 100 degrees outside by the red and shiney faces?

The Duke with his beautiful cousin, the World Traveler. She is so much fun, she tried to teach us Salsa the next night, it was a failure on the dancing scale, but a great success on the fun scale.

Me, laughing at the fact that J. (the guy) is happily surrounded by three married women. I was good friends with these three in HS. I see J. several times a year, but haven't seen H. and S. for a very long time, it was great to see them.

The Duke, with two swimming buddies, C. and J. at the dinner the next night. Don't you love his shirt, it's his new 'holiday' shirt.

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