Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vacation, all I ever wanted???

Why would I need a vacation? Maybe it has something to do with my entire house looking something like this, or the opposite rooms where all the stuff that goes in this room has been taken! Monday come soon!!! (New carpet arrives on Monday!)
Maybe it has something to do with the Duke laying down our scooter on the freeway the day before we left on vacation. Yes, Brent, pictures will follow. He is pretty OK, a minor fracture in his elbow, some very ugly bruising, and the inevitable road rash.

So, after x-rays and mechanic shop, we took off for the Oregon Coast. This is the only way to go to the beach. My beach towel acts as a blanket and I knit to keep warm. Here you see me wearing a recently finished hat (knit just for the occasion, as I was cold) and nearly finished with the second fingerless glove. The Duke, well he's the Duke, on vacation or not!

So I spend 5 blissful days knitting, spinning, and buying yarn.

I bought this yarn (3 skiens) and knit it up in 2 days. It is a wonderful kettle dyed cotton called Patagonia Yarn. I used a size 15 needle and a simple YO, K2tog, lace stitch. Here's the specs on the Yarn
Gauge: 3-3.5
Material: 100% Cotton
US Needle: US 8 - 10
Washing Instructions: Hand Wash
Weight: (2.5 - 3.5 sts/in) Bulky
Yardage: 105

I also found some Blue Moon Yarn, it's a cotton sock yarn (weird huh!) It has 4% of a fiber called Elite in it, which much give it its bounce, because it bounces like no cotton I've ever felt. I Love the colorway. No decision as to whether it will be socks or something else, although I am intrigued by the idea of knitted cotton socks.

A lovely little knot of hand dyed roving. . . not sure from whom, I was to entraced by the roving to notice the sign above it. Can't wait to see it spun up!

And last, and maybe lilttlest, but certainly not least. I saw the Duke's cousin's new baby and knew this little darling needed a strawberry hat. Isn't she the most darling little cherub?

Now, I have returned to my mess house, but thankfully, next week another knitting vacation to visit my mom. I'll bring back pictures for you!


  1. I thought you didn't knit socks? hmmm....

  2. that previous massacre thing is stupid.
    The Duke is darling in his work clothes and play clothes, and so are you all bundled up at the ocean.
    See you very soon.

  3. oh i can't write this thought on the blog. email to follow

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