Monday, July 10, 2006

Disturbed by Yarn???

You tell me.

This is prairie Dream: A Little massacre

by Pluckyfluff.

Interesting? yes.

Knitable? mabey.

Disturbing? a little

"HUGE BULKY skein made from white ICELANDIC FLEECE, hand-dyed fibers, silk waste, fabric, flowers, rubber cherries and a 1940's VINTAGE DOLL who's eyes open and close! and her little western chaps and prairie blouse...The entire yarn is spun with a delicate pale pink nubbly thread and a coral pink silk thread"


  1. I think this would give me nightmares. That doll is crazy freaky.

    I'd love to see someone try to knit it though!

  2. I think it might get ugly. That doll looks like it could fight back. Has anyone ever heard of a HAUNTED ball of yarn??? Hmmmm. . . stories from the stash.

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

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