Monday, July 31, 2006

Almost Paradise. . . how could I ask for more?

I think I need more days like this.

31 July 2006
Seattle, WA
Weather: Perfect

9:00: I got up to feed the dogs, then because I could, I went back to bed. Ahhhh
11:00: I got up again, dressed for the beach, ate delicious breakfast (raisin bran with fresh blueberries and almonds, with rice milk of course!) wrapped a present, and gathered the pups.
12:30: I did have to run one errand today (I did say, almost paradise,) but it was delivering flowers and presents to the Duke's co-workers, so actually it was fun.
1:00: Arrived at Magnuson Park's off leash doggie area, the biggest one around, acres and acres for my little pups to stretch their legs, and the only beach you can take your dogs to in Seattle. We headed right for the beach where Logan proceeded to harass all dogs bigger than him (You get em, Logan) and Maggie and I found a ball and jumped in the water for some swimming fetch, Maggie's favorite.
2:30: There's a no-dairy bakery on the way home, how convenient, I need a little snack. Logan is even too tired to do more than try to sniff my dairy free cookie. Good boy, Logan.
3:00: Read, vegitate, relax. . . Because I can.
4:00: A nice hot bath with Jasmine and Vanilla mmmmmmmm.
5:00: Here I sit, in my yoga clothes, with a glass of iced Evening in Missoula from Tea Cup, a scoop of Haagen Daaz Orchard Peach Sorbet, and two very tried pups. (I love tired pups.)

Plans for the evening: yoga, knit, read, maybe spin, and watch Medium (if it's not a rerun.), go to bed early.

Only one thing missing. . . The Duke. No, maybe almost paradise, but not close enough without him, even if a day like this would make my high energy husband crazy. He is in workshops all this week. Siyang, as they say in the Philippines. (in translates to "oh, well" with a significant amount of longing.)

But a relaxing day none-the-less, and very enjoyable.

Yes, I will fold my clothes tomorrow. . . maybe.


  1. okay it is fine to a a lazy day but you shouldn't rub it in our faces. we are still trying to hire staff and catch up. all the sudden i'm behind 6 weeks instead of 4 what happened there. we have been hiking in the rain today. will knit tonight. still debateing on the felting or ripping of the green bag. my creative mind is gone.

  2. Hiking in the rain, well at least you didn't get heat exhaustion again. I swear the world is coming to an end, my parents are not only hiking, but they are doing it in the rain.
    Take a day off, get rid of dad, and brew yourself some iced tea. Your creativity will return.