Monday, March 19, 2007

Major Life Change Explaination: part 1

Hurry, run, look out your window for the flying pigs!
That's right, we're expecting a little alien baby. We know it must be an alien because no human child would dare make his mother feel this crappy. Prepare yourself now for future postings detailing the gag-a-thon/sleep-a-thon that my life has been reduced too.

Oh and yes, when I can rub two brain cells together long enough to think about it, I am very very excited, as is the Duke.

For those of you who go to church with me, I'd like to keep this under wraps for a few more weeks (yes I know posting it on the internet may not be the best way to do this) I just want to be the one to announce it (this has been recorded as too much to ask in the past, as you may know) and I want to wait until after I've had my first Doctor's appointment.

Oh yes, and all you mothers out there (besides mine, who has told me that it must be the Duke's family's fault I am so sick, as this doesn't happen in our family) Any advise on taming the nausea dragon would be appreciated. I'm ready to try nearly anything.

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