Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cascade 220

I got a total kick out of the fact that you all decided to guess which yarn was writing to you. That wasn't what I was expecting, but I loved it.
Just so you all know, the "piece of Yarnnation" that goes to the randomly selected commenter, will not always be in the form of the story yarn, in fact probably most of the time it won't be. (Like last time, the Yarn was Rowan's Chunky Print, but Bells got some hand dyed sock yarn, which she is knitting the most beautiful socks with.) This is mostly because the yarn doesn't tell me it's entire story until after I have knit with it, so I most likely will no longer have it in the stash.
In this case, however, I always have a little Cascade 220 in the stash. Right now it happens to be in colorway 9408- Cordovan, which is a slightly heathered reddish brown.
I have employed a handy-dandy random number generator, and the winning number is ............ 5! And this means nothing to y'all because you aren't looking at the comments, but Sarah (aka: Gry- Sarah what does your handle mean?) was the 5th commenter.
So Sarah, your choice, I have 2 hanks of C220-9408 for you, or (for your spinning pleasure) 8oz of some unspun superwash merino in one (or a mix) of three colors: a slightly variegated tangerine, a lovely lightish grass green, or a rich moss green.
Let me know what you want, you have my e-mail.

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