Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maraming Salamat (much thanks)

Thank you all for all your well wishes and helpful tips.

A few of you asked when my est. due date is, well I haven't been to the DR yet, but by my calculations it's about Nov. 8 or 9.

That puts me at a measly 6 weeks and a bit (please don't forget the bit, every day behind me is one less day of potential blech.) This is the week that all the pregnancy books tell you "morning" sickness will likely begin. They lie, they all lie! This has been going on for WEEKS all ready. Either that or I am further along than I think I am, but I doubt that.

Anywhoo, again, thanks for all your suggestions. I have all ready tried the ginger, along with anise, fennel, and mint. None of them much help. I called my Dr. and he prescribed Prevacid, again, with few results. I have tried to eat small meals, which does help, the biggest problem here, is that when I fell like I can eat, I am so hungry there is no way I could keep from eating until I feel at least partially full, but then this makes me feel very sick again in about 15 min., so I'm trying. Peanut Butter was making me sick a few days ago, but I tried it again (a bit on soda crackers) and that went pretty well. Finally, yesterday I went and bought some Unisom and some vit. B-6. The Duke figured out how much I should take and a half an hour later, at long last, I had a little relief. It was enough to sleep soundly for several hours at least. The other thing that really helps is riding my scooter. Doesn't that sound strange, but the cold air blowing in my face trumps the sickie, even if for just while I'm riding. I love it!
The Duke came home with a dozen red "Freedom" roses and a pair of Sea Band bracelets. He's such a good man. I don't know if the bracelets are helping yet, but I haven't taken them off. Pictures of the beautiful roses tomorrow or the next day.
Glynis also said she had to take Phenergan during her pregnancies. I happen to have a bottle of that from when I had nausea brought on by migraines. The Duke insists that I can my DR before taking any of it, and I suppose that is reasonable.

Well, we'll try to get back to our regularly scheduled fiber fun here in a day or so. I have a new Yarn of Yarnnation nearly ready to go up. Keep on the look out.

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