Friday, March 09, 2007

When It Rain It Pours. . .

Does living in Seattle make that statement more ironic?

I believe that right before a person is about to receive a choice blessing, the powers of hell conspire against that person to try to get them to do something that will really screw things up.

I believe that trials are actually blessings in disguise, given to us as opportunities to change, to grow, to improve.

I believe that we are here to learn and that learning means falling down sometimes. I also believe that we are here to be tested, and that being tested means being put in situations that will test us.

So I will therefore conclude the following:
1. The forthcoming blessing is going to ROCK!
2. I have reached another growing spurt in my life.
3. I may not get an A+, but I'm doing the best I can, and I am proud of that (in a tired sort of way.)

Today I:

-- Stayed up until 5 am working on the last section and the financial forecasts of my business plan. When I finally fell asleep it still wasn't done, and in my opinion, there is nothing worse than pulling an all nighter and not finishing the product.

-- Fought my body all day

-- Was frustrated because I couldn't take care of my sick husband.

-- Was deeply disappointed by someone I thought was my friend

-- Had a person we believe is trying to commit insurance fraud file a claim against our insurance.

-- Was used as someone's personal emotional punching bag

-- Had to let someone down, once again, due to my inability to say no.

-- Ate something that disagreed with my stomach

-- Picked up my dog's bedding that he had, only moment's before, peed on.

-- Had an emotional breakdown.

It was a sucky day. . . but like all rainstorms, this one too will soon be over, and there is a bright and beautiful silver lining.

This is Logan looking over three copies of my FINISHED business plan. (He is a fierce editor, by the way, tearing up things he doesn't like!)

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It is a very dense 37 page, single spaced, document that I am extremely proud of.

It has a table of contents

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It has charts and graphs

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It has financial analysis

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AND IT'S DONE and with a whole 20 min. to spare- who could ask for anything more?

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